Party Competition

A core part of my research focuses on party competition and political communication. Specifically, I investigate how parties try to connect themselves with different social groups, how they use social group appeals as a distinct communication strategy and in combination with policy issues, and the importance of social groups and group appeals for political representation.

Working papers:

Dolinsky, A.O. & Huber, L.M.: ‘Group Appeals as Representative Claims: A New Perspective on Parties’ Efforts to Connect with Voters’ Pre-print

Huber, L.M. & Dolinsky, A.O.: ‘How parties shape their relationship with social groups: A roadmap to the study of group-based appeals’ Pre-print

Political Behavior and Public Opinion Formation

Another part of my research focuses on political behavior and public opinion formation. Here I investigate the role of social groups for voters’ responses to policy proposals and how perceptions of group representation influences party support.

Working papers:

Huber, L.M.: ‘The influence of group affect and perceptions of group representation on vote choice’. Work in Progress.

Dolinsky, A.O., Huber, L.M. & Van der Velden, M.: ‘Representation of Social Groups and Voters’ Reactions: A Survey Experiment. Work in Progress.

Text Analysis

An additional strand of my research focuses on manual and automated text analysis for the study of social group appeals, issue emphasis, policy positions, and inter-party communication. For example, in a current project together with Alona O. Dolinsky and Will Horne, we develop a new supervised machine learning classifier for the extraction of social groups mentions and appeals from election manifestos.

Working papers:

Adendorf, A., Bahnsen, O., Gschwend, T., Huber, L.M., Paolo Ponzetto, S., Rehbein, I., Stoetzer, L.F.: ‘Measuring Inter-party Communication: A transfer learning approach’. Revise and resubmit. Pre-print

Dolinsky, A.O., Huber, L.M. & Horne, W.: ‘Parties’ group appeals across space and time: an effort towards an automated, large-scale analysis of parties’ election manifestos.’ Work in Progress.

Scharrer, M., Huber, L.M. & Müller, W.C.: ‘Tracing Alleged Problems of CMP Data’. Available upon request

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